Welcome to Saint Catherine’s School website.
Our school is a colourful and lively school in which students, parents, and teachers create a community united in the commitment to each student’s success and happiness.
At Saint Catherine’s we respect the traditions and values of the Christian faith and the democratic principles of the italian Constitution while continuously looking forward to make sure that we remain on the educational vanguard.
Our students and teachers enjoy a learning environment reinforced with the latest technology, best practices, and focused curriculum that will help guide them on a path to success well into the 21st century.

We offer three academic programmes
• Nursery and infants’ school (ages 13 months to 6)
• A middle years programme (ages 11 to 14)
• A diploma programme- high school specialising in foreign languages and Arts and Humanities and Law (ages 14 to 19)
Please, take some time to visit our school website and if you want to know more about us, don’t hesitate to contact and visit us.

About us

Saint Catherine’s Catholic School was founded in 1826 by the Madri Pie Sisters to provide high quality Catholic secondary education in the town of Ovada.
St. Catherine’s accepts all students, regardless of race, creed, national or ethnic origin, who satisfy the school’s academic requirements. It is, in fact, the acceptance of diversity that enables our students to learn in an atmosphere of openness and sharing and helps them formulate values that lead to respect for all people.
We believe in the principle of discipline with dignity. Students are treated with respect and compassion so they learn justice and fairness.
Our academic goals are to provide students with the knowledge, strong values and skills that will enable them to continue their education and succeed in the future. We are committed to educate students of diverse backgrounds, respecting that diversity

At St Catherine’s we are firmly committed to individual excellence, ensuring that all students, irrespective of their ability, fulfil their potential. We are, justifiably, proud of the many success and achievements of our community. We continually strive to ensure that everyone feels safe, valued and welcome.
The school provides a strong educational program as a sign of its commitment to academic excellence and preparation for the future. In a positive atmosphere of discipline, friendliness and cheerfulness, conducive to learning, activities are offered that cultivate emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual growth of the whole person.

St. Catherine’s School is
• A public school recognised by the National Education System
• a member of FIDAE- National Catholic Education Associate
• authorised Cambridge esol examinations and Trinity centre

Saint Catherine’s School offers:
• well equipped with wireless technology throughout the campus, a library, computer labs, media center, interactive SMART boards, a fully equipped gym, a canteen and an outstanding green area.
• small class sizes
• extracurricular activities (drama and music club, sports club, after school Homework club)
• international projects (study holidays, class exchange programmes, ski weeks, outings )
• academic enrichment ( Foreign Languages European certificates, ICT studies)